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Anthropologists Are On The Verge Of Figuring Out How You’re Supposed To Read Tumblr Comments

Even in this modern age, there is still so much we don’t understand about our own species. So many mysteries of humanity that remain unsolved. But soon there might be one less mystery, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Colleen Waldrop and her team of researchers from the American Anthropological Association. After years of painstaking analysis, they believe that they are now closer than ever to finally figuring out how we are supposed to read Tumblr comments.

Anthropologists have long struggled to decode the curious markings that appear under Tumblr posts, cryptic combinations of vertical lines and horizontal text all arranged in strange triangular tableaux. But Dr. Waldrop’s team made a crucial breakthrough this month when they realized that maybe you can tell who wrote a comment by following the line that goes from the comment to the username above. Check it out:

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“Discovering what the lines signified was a huge breakthrough for our team, and we’re confident it will help us answer the many questions we’ve had about Tumblr comments,” said Dr. Waldrop, who has devoted most of her career to understanding what the hell “notes” are. “We hope that this leads us to someday ascertaining exactly how you’re supposed to know what order to read Tumblr comments in or why everything sort of shifts over to the left as you go down the thread.”

“It’s only a matter of time before we’re able to find out what the people who created Tumblr were thinking back in 2007,” added Waldrop.

Exciting news! Wow, it’s really been an awesome month for groundbreaking discoveries. Just last week, scientists at the University of Edinburgh figured out how to turn off the setting that makes Spotify share whatever song you’re listening to on Facebook. Science FTW!