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Anyone Who Thinks Homosexuality Is Unnatural Clearly Hasn’t Watched My Neighbors Really Go At It

The world has come a long way in its acceptance of homosexuality, and there’s more progress being made every day. Sadly, there are still many people who view homosexuality as strange, unnatural, or perverse. I wish I could invite all of these regressive thinkers over to my house, because they would certainly change their minds after peering through my den window with me and watching my neighbors really go at it.

If you think homosexual sex is an abomination you owe it to yourself to dress in all black and watch Sean and Luis make love through the eave vent of my garage. Even obscured through the frosted glass of their bathroom window, anyone could see that God made these two men to make love with one another. So many opinions could be challenged if more people were to just hang from the gutter outside Sean and Luis’ bedroom to see how they make love firsthand.

Maybe you have it in your head that gay sex is by its very definition depraved and bizarre. But if you believe that gay lovemaking is all about whips and chains, then I’ve got a secretly recorded video of Sean tenderly massaging Luis’ body like a master sculptor working soft clay that you need to see.

I have a challenge for anyone who still thinks gay sex is unnatural: Hide under Sean and Luis’ bed with me. Listen to their bodies orchestrating an intimate symphony just inches above us as we try not to breathe too loudly. Wait for them to fall asleep. Quietly crawl from underneath the bed and gaze upon their sleeping bodies embracing like perfectly folded origami. Sneak back out of their bedroom window. Then look me in the eye and tell me what you just witnessed was anything but beautiful.

Your church, family, or friends may have taught you a false perception of what homosexuality is like. But you owe it to yourself to witness the pure poetry of gay sex through the zoom lens of my video camera and make up your own mind.

Watching Sean and Luis give each other the gift of one another’s bodies while I perch on my roof with a small telescope completely changed the way I view homosexuality. And I guarantee it will change yours too.