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Are You Ready To Take The ClickVenture Challenge?

You’ve come to know and love ClickHole’s ClickVentures over the years, but have you completed all of them? Try your luck with the ClickVenture challenge!

The first person to take a screenshot of the win page for every single ClickVenture linked below and send them to [email protected] will win a piece of ClickHole (includes a certificate of authenticity). Good luck!

Would You Survive A Bear Attack?

Need To Get Right With The Lord? Go To Church!

The Mysterious Shadows Of Skullshadow Island

Can You Survive The Great Journey Out West?

Learn A New Language Right Now With Language Getter!

Death Attends The Matinee

It’s Your First Day On Wall Street

Sleepover At Brynna’s

Fight For The Glory Of Rome!

Get The Whole Online Experience By Trying Our Internet Simulator

You’ve Been Elected To Congress! Can You Pass Even One Goddamn Bill?

It’s Your First Day At A New High School. Can You Become Popular?

Can You Find The Mole In This Spy Organization?

Join This Cult!

DJ This Party

Stranded: The True Tale Of A Shipwrecked Sailor

You Arrive In America

In The Shadow Of Two Fangs: A Harrowing Tale Of Vampiric Terror

Plan Your Son’s Funeral!

Explore The Many Wonders Of The Carnival!

The Red Dust Of Harmony Gulch: A Tale Of The Wild West

The Lives And Loves Of The ER

Build Your Ideal Boyfriend With Our Boyfriend Builder!

Duffton: A Shakespearean Tragedy

You Are The Bouncer At The Trendiest Bar In Town. Can You Keep Trouble Out?

You’re A Bird! Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In The Wild?

Got Symptoms? Diagnose Your Bad Body Here!

You Are The World’s Greatest Computer Hacker

Can You Keep An Eye On The Pope For Just 5 Minutes?

Have A Low-Key Forest Adventure!

Sharpen Your Knives! Can You Beat The World’s Greatest Chef In A Cooking Competition?

Can You Keep Up A Conversation With Your Dad?

You’re A Taxi Driver. Can You Make It In New York City?

You’re A Single-Celled Organism. Can You Evolve Into A Duck?

Can You Become The Next Great Daredevil?

Can You Get Over Your Ex?

It’s Halloween! Can You Trick-Or-Treat Your Way To A Massive Candy Haul?

Murder, Cheat, And Fuck Your Way Through Boston

Your Flight’s Been Delayed. Can You Kill 5 Hours At The Airport?

Can You Lose 8 Pounds?

You’re Tiny People. Can You Open The Fridge And Get The Lemon?

Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

You’re Santa! Can You Master The Sleigh And Deliver Gifts To All The Good Boys And Girls?

Your Parents Are Going Out Of Town. Host The Party Of The Year!

House-Sit For Your Neighbors While They’re On Vacation!

Can You Survive A Night On The Town With The Rat Pack?

Can You Escape From Hell?

You’re George Lucas In 1975. Can You Create ‘Star Wars’?

You’re A Self-Driving Car. Can You Become Sentient And Go Through A Drive-Thru?

You’re The World’s Most Successful Pickup Artist. Can You Have Sex With The President Of The United States?

You Just Got A Sword For Your Birthday. Time To Go Fight Crime!

You’re Adam, The First Man! Can You Eat The Right Fruit And Overthrow God?

You’re A Computer. Can You Pass The Turing Test?

You’re A Grocery Store Delivery Boy. Can You Deliver A Pound Of Ground Beef To The Astronauts On The International Space Station?

You’re A Farmer! Can You Squeeze The Milk Out Of All The Animals?

You’re A Germ! Can You Make Bruce Springsteen Sick Enough To Cancel A Concert?

You’re At The Zoo! Can You Touch A Camel?

Welcome To Murderfull Manor! Survive To Live…If You Dare!

You’ve Discovered An Interdimensional Wormhole! Can You Find A Parallel Universe Where It’s Okay To Take Your Shirt Off At The Library?

You’re At Dinner With Your Friends Don Draper And Roger Sterling. Can You Eat The Most Oysters?

Can You Survive Seeing ‘Grease’ On Broadway?

You’re Marco Polo On The Route To China. Can You Get Your Hands On Some Cinnamon?

You’re 8 Years Old. Can You Acquire Wine Without Getting Arrested?

Your Period Is A Day Late. Are You Pregnant?

Can You Find A Summer Romance?

You Are The Cannibal Lobster-Man Of New England. Can You Become The Governor Of Maine?

Shove Some Culture Into Your Trash Brain With This Interactive Virtual Tour Of The Louvre!

It’s Summer! Time To Go Camping With Your Dad And His Friends!

Can You Defeat The Chess Computer?

You Switched Bodies With Your Mom. Can You Learn A Little Something About Each Other?

Pleasure This Fern

You’re Usain Bolt. Can You Win Gold In Rio And Catch The Olympic Strangler?

You Are Robot Boy! Can You Save Japan From Monsters?

Come Watch The First-Ever Online Television!

It’s Time To Marry Rob

You’ve Uploaded Your Consciousness Onto A 250 MB Hard Drive! Please Customize Your Perfect New Digital Life.

You Were Abducted By Aliens. Will Anyone Ever Believe You?

Acquire Frogs

Want To Leave Earth? Go Colonize Mars!

It’s 2:51 A.M. Can You Fall Asleep?

You Live In 3500 B.C.! Can You Become The First Human To Ride A Horse?

Can You Help Your Dad Lose His Virginity At The Super Bowl?

A Tooth In Death’s Mouth: A Sam Stonemarrow Mystery

Welcome To Defensive Driving, Chumps! You’re Mine For The Next 6 Hours.

Learn To Loot, Smash Skulls, And Scream The Right Way In Our Protest Safety Simulator!

Welcome To Heaven! Can You Become God’s Favorite?

You Are The United Nations Secretary-General! Can You Use The Bathroom For 5 Freaking Minutes Without World War III Breaking Out?

Hello, You Are The Monkey Detective. Can You Figure Out Which Monkey Stole Your Wine?

Convince A Young Michael Jordan To Become A Plumber

You Got Hot. Can You Have Fun At Your 10-Year High School Reunion?

You Lied Your Way Into A Job As A Surgeon! Can You Avoid Killing Anyone Long Enough To Collect Your First Paycheck?

Mr. Circle Goes To Shape City

You’re A Giant Squid. Can You Fight And Defeat A Boat?

You’re Hogwarts’ Only Guidance Counselor. Can You Convince Anyone To Go To College?

Get Fucked Up On Gin And Build A Gazebo For Your Neighbor

You’re A 13-Year-Old Girl: Can You Find A Date To The Sadie Hawkins Dance?

You Are Lin-Manuel Miranda! Can You Avoid Blowing All Your ‘Hamilton’ Money At The Mall?

You Are The Person In The Donald Duck Costume At Disney World. Can You Find One True Friend?