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Awesome: ABC Is Releasing A New Reality Show Where The Best Singer Gets To Go To A ‘The Bachelor’ Fantasy Suite With A Shark From ‘Shark Tank’ And Survive For A Month Without Food Or Water

If you’re a reality show fan, get excited, because a new series is airing this week that you won’t want to skip: ABC is releasing a new reality show where the best singer gets to go to a The Bachelor fantasy suite with a shark from Shark Tank and survive for a month without food or water!

Awesome! This is the can’t-miss show of the year!

According to the network, this exciting new reality show will feature 15 amateur singers from all over the country who dream of becoming the next big pop star. Moments before they hit the stage in the incredible live premiere, each singer will be given a line from a never-before-heard rap/country-fusion song, which they will then have to sing before a panel of professionals from the music industry whose identities will be obscured by chipmunk costumes to promote Alvin and The Chipmunks 5: A Hip-Hoppy Hoedown—and the twist is, they’ll have to choose the winner based on the singer’s appearance alone! Yep, the judges will be equipped with noise-cancelling earbuds so that they won’t even hear the song. And guess what else? Those “music professionals” were actually the judges from Chopped!

And did we mention it’s hosted by Kelly Clarkson???

Then, the best singer will be whisked off to a Fantasy Suite, the oh-so-romantic room where overnight dates on The Bachelor take place. Waiting for the singer in the Fantasy Suite will be one of the iconic investors from Shark Tank, and while the pair are welcome to abide by standard Fantasy Suite rules and have as much sex as they want, they’ll have a few larger issues in front of them: namely, surviving 30 days of extreme hunger and dehydration in addition to competing in daily secret “Combat Challenges.” While it won’t be easy, if the singer can work together with the millionaire entrepreneur to survive without pressing the panic button, they’ll win the grand prize: a 45-minute session in the recording studio with Pharrell!

Wow. This show sounds so epic! Sound off in the comments if you’ll definitely be watching this!