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Awesome: Delta Is Adding A Button That Lets The Pilot Know You Want The Plane To Go Faster

To all the frequent flyers out there, this is going to make your day.

With shrinking leg room and disappearing amenities, flying is becoming more and more of an uncomfortable grind. But one airline is doing its part to reverse that trend and make air travel more flyer-friendly: Delta is adding a button to every seat that lets the pilot know that you want the plane to go faster.

Finally! An airline that truly understands the customer experience.

Available in both first class and coach, the button is as easy to use as the overhead light and can be pressed as many times as desired by any passenger hoping to arrive at their destination a little sooner. What’s more, each button sends its own individual signal directly to the cockpit, alerting the pilot of each request to fly faster with a loud siren and flashing lights on their instrument panel to ensure that they receive passenger wishes as quickly as possible.

So much yes!

The buttons are active for the entirety of the flight, meaning they can be pressed as early as when the plane is awaiting takeoff right up until the plane comes to a stop at the arrival gate. So, whether you’re playing it safe with a connecting flight, want to shave time off that five-hour cross-country trip, or just want to see how much ass jet engines can really haul, all you have to do is reach up and press the button at any point to let the pilots know you’d like them to fly faster.

As of this week, the buttons have been installed on every seat of Delta’s entire fleet of aircraft, meaning that any passenger heading to any destination can take advantage of this exciting new amenity. Other airlines take note: THIS is what A+ customer service looks like.