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Awesome: Vera Wang Is Releasing A Tear-Away Wedding Dress For Brides Who Have A Basketball Game During The Ceremony

Wedding season might be months away, but the next big innovation in bridal wear is already here. Yep, Vera Wang just announced her newest line of dresses, and we could not be more excited: The designer is releasing a tear-away wedding dress for brides who have a basketball game during the ceremony!

That’s right. All that time spent carefully stepping out of your dress can now be spent sinking fadeaways on the court!

According to Wang, the tear-away dresses are lined with ivory white snaps that seamlessly blend into all varieties of fabric, and are perfect for women who get called to sub in for a teammate while they’re at the altar. For anyone who has accidentally double-booked their wedding day with your co-ed, intramural basketball league, not to fear: All you need to do is yank the bottom of your dress, and it will tear off instantly to reveal your league regulation uniform just in time for tip-off.

Yup, Vera Wang just dunked on all her competition with this one. Plus, when you’re done with your game, the dress can easily be snapped back on over your uniform, letting you head back to the ceremony straight from the free throw line with minimal delay.

In an industry with so few options for brides-to-be, this is a huge deal for women with a game of street ball scheduled for the same day and time as their nuptials. We’re so happy Wang could push the industry forward and provide a dress for every bride, even those who need to read their vows, rip off their dress, and immediately run down the aisle of their wedding to kick ass on the court!