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Awkward: This Hockey Rink Clearly Has An Entire NBA Team Frozen Under The Ice

A pretty embarrassing situation is currently unfolding during an NHL hockey game at Madison Square Garden in New York City: The arena’s hockey rink clearly has an entire NBA team frozen under the ice.

Well, this is pretty awkward for everyone involved.

We’re currently in the middle of the second period of a game between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, and for the entirety of the game the frozen bodies of the active roster of the New York Knicks have been clearly visible under the ice. Sports analysts and paleontologists are currently working to determine how all 15 players on the Knicks roster became entombed beneath the MSG rink, but currently no satisfactory answers have been offered.

The frozen Knicks players are scattered all across the rink, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything to rescue them at this time. The hockey players and their fans are just doing their best to ignore the fact that they can clearly see Knicks star Jalen Brunson’s frozen face staring up from beneath the ice just a few feet away from the Rangers bench, as well as the fact that power forward Julius Randle is frozen right in the middle of the center line, forcing players to stare right at his frozen head during face offs.

The only bit of encouraging news about this whole messy situation is that all of the frozen Knicks players appear to be smiling, though at this point why they’re smiling remains a mystery. Here’s hoping someone figures out how to rescue these NBA teams from the ice soon, because it’s clearly making everyone kind of uncomfortable.