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Back In Action: The NFL Has Announced That Justin Timberlake Has Finally Stopped Crying From Seeing A Boob Up Close And Is Now Ready To Sing At The Super Bowl Again

During the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in 2004, Justin Timberlake shocked the world by accidentally exposing one of Janet Jackson’s breasts on live TV. But today, almost 14 years later, Justin Timberlake is finally back in action: The NFL just announced that the pop star has finally stopped crying from the boob he saw up close, and he is ready to sing at the Super Bowl again!

Finally! We can’t wait to see this superstar back on stage.

After years of crying, Justin Timberlake’s recovery from seeing a woman’s naked boob just a couple feet away from his face was as sudden as it was miraculous. Yesterday, Timberlake’s caretakers were shocked to discover that the singer-songwriter’s convulsive, full-body sobs had subsided, giving way to just sniffling and whimpers. By this morning, Timberlake had stopped crying completely, leaving him runny-nosed and bleary-eyed, but finally ready to sing at the Super Bowl again.

This is the first time Timberlake has stopped crying at all since the infamous wardrobe malfunction, when the sight of Janet Jackson’s whole breast and nipple immediately caused him to collapse weeping unintelligibly onto the NRG Stadium’s on-field stage. The wailing Timberlake was immediately taken off the field on a stretcher and held for observation in the Carolina Panthers’ locker room, but after continuing to cry nonstop due to briefly seeing the boob right there in front of him, Timberlake was carefully moved to home care, where he would tear-stain pillow after pillow for the next 13 years. Until now!

It must’ve taken incredible strength and perseverance for Justin to finally stop crying from seeing that boob that one time. But somehow he did it. And now he’s finally washing his hair, clipping his nails, and moving on from the boob that’s haunted him for so long by making a triumphant return to the Super Bowl stage.

Way to go, JT! The Super Bowl can’t get here soon enough!