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Bad News, Oregon: Marijuana Is Still Illegal In The Michaelson House

On July 1, recreational marijuana use was legalized in the state of Oregon. Stoners and casual users alike rejoiced at the news, and some even took to the streets, lighting up publicly in celebration. For supporters of legalization, this represented a major victory.

But the battle may not be over just yet. That’s because, over at 1223 Marshall Street in the mid-size suburb of Beaverton, marijuana is still illegal.

That’s right, Oregonians. Under Jim Michaelson’s roof, you’re in a pot-free zone.

While Oregon law may allow you to have up to eight ounces of marijuana per household, Jim and Eileen Michaelson still have a zero-tolerance policy. This strict guideline is in effect even if it’s kept out of view or if you’re able to get rid of the smell. In fact, sneaking around behind Jim’s back might even be worse than just doing it right in front of him.

“It doesn’t matter whether the president or the queen of Timbuktu herself said pot is legal,” read a statement from Jim Michaelson. “When you step inside the Michaelson household, marijuana is absolutely not allowed.”


But not all hope is lost. Sources recently overheard Eileen Michaelson saying that medical marijuana “could maybe be valuable, as long as it’s not being abused.” Still, it seems like Jim’s most recent public comment reaffirmed that in his house, he’s the mayor, and there’s no room for any ifs, ands, or buts on the matter.

So for now, it seems like anyone caught with marijuana in the Michaelson home will suffer some major consequences. And that goes for everyone.