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Best Day Ever: The Entirety Of James Cromwell Is Now In The Public Domain!

Today just got a whole lot better. Why? After 75 long years, the entirety of James Cromwell is finally in the public domain!


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That’s right, folks. The wait is over. As of this morning, everyone has access to all 6 feet 7 inches of the Emmy Award-winning actor. Head, legs, arms, eyes: All your favorite parts of James Cromwell are here, and, for the first time ever, available to the public for FREE.

We are totally freaking out.

Now that the copyright on the L.A. Confidential star has officially expired, feel free to watch or listen to him as much as you want, totally free of charge. Or pick him up and drive him around in your car for a couple of hours. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy this Hollywood legend now that he is in the public domain and therefore belongs to all of us forever!