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Best Halloween Costume Ever? This Woman Dressed Up As A Car

If you were looking for a Halloween costume role model, look no further than Julia Dunnemacher, a 30-year-old Flagstaff, AZ native who went all out with her to-a-T, full-scale recreation of a car.

Whoa. We’ve seen a lot of awesome costumes this year, but this one just blew them all away, perfectly replicating every last detail of a 2013 Toyota Yaris. It has everything from the antenna down to the hubcaps. No risk of friends asking, “So, what are you?” with this one—Julia is a car.

At $15,000, the crazy creative costume did cost Julia a pretty penny, but just look at that spookily realistic rearview mirror and try to tell us it wasn’t worth it. Must have been time-consuming to make, too, especially considering the front- and side-mounted airbags and functional trunk she installed—Julia really spared no effort.

Inside the costume is a chair (with a seatbelt!) that Julia can climb into, and a hyperrealistic gas pedal that actually moves the whole thing forward. Plus, pop open the hood, and what do you find? That’s right. It’s a painstakingly detailed facsimile of the engine of the 2013 Toyota Yaris. You know, just in case she runs into a Toyota engineer at a Halloween party this year.

Just for kicks, here’s a side-by-side look at an actual Toyota Yaris next to Julia’s obsessively detailed costume.

Awesome job, Julia. Vroom!