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Body Positivity FTW! When This Overweight Student Broke A Chair During Class, Nobody Laughed And A Few People Got Turned On 

Anyone who was ever bullied for their weight growing up knows just how hurtful it can be. Fortunately, today’s youth are far more progressive-minded, if the kids at Union High School in Middlebury, VT are any indication: When this overweight student broke a chair during class, nobody laughed and a few people got turned on. 

Folks, it doesn’t get more beautiful than this! These kids could’ve easily made fun of their plus-size classmate’s misfortune, but instead, they chose to stand by his side and/or get off on it.

Chester Feng, a sophomore who’s struggled with obesity since elementary school, thought he was in for endless name-calling and taunting after the metal chair he was sitting in during chem lab suddenly buckled under his mass, collapsing to the floor in a loud crash that sent his legs over his head. However, Chester’s classmates couldn’t have reacted in a less judgemental way: As Chester strained to roll over on his stomach to push himself up, not a single person was laughing, and the three students who helped him off the floor were visibly erect. Even Ethan Miller, a popular varsity basketball player who Chester was most worried would make sport of this humiliating situation, only asked if Chester was okay as a dot of pre-cum soaked through his tented jeans.

Though Chester was red in the face, privately fretting that ‘the time Chester Feng broke a chair because he was so fat’ would define his high school reputation forever, the class quickly moved past the incident with the utmost maturity. Ms. Solak, his chemistry teacher, simply got Chester a new chair, let a couple students go to the bathroom to masturbate, and then promptly returned to her lesson plan while her legs were still shaking from the full-blown orgasm she’d been brought to by the mere sight of an obese kid pancaking a steel chair. And just like that, Chester’s faith in humanity was officially restored!

If you need any evidence that the body positivity movement is making a real-life impact, look no further!

Just amazing. Props to Chester’s classmates for taking the high road here, demonstrating nothing but kindness and eroticism in what could’ve been a traumatic experience for Chester. We’re not crying, you’re crying!