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Body Positivity Win! Chanel Has Found The Body Of A Plus-Size Model Floating In One Of Its Perfume Vats

Finally, a high-fashion brand is getting body positivity right. Elite designer Chanel is stepping up in a major way to deliver a message that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful: They’ve discovered the body of a plus-size model in one of their perfume vats!

Nailed it! This is a huge leap forward for the fashion world.

We’ve grown accustomed to stick-thin supermodels, but with Chanel finding a stunning curvy woman in a vat of their No. 5 perfume, that’s all been changed. Knowing there’s a realistically proportioned woman bobbing in the perfume tank of a high-fashion brand such as Chanel will help countless young girls feel comfortable in their own skin.

While Chanel discovering this model’s body in a vat is just one step on a long path toward improving women’s relationships with their bodies, it’s still cause for celebration. If an industry titan like Chanel can find this beautiful woman floating in gallons of perfume in a production warehouse, what can others do? Hopefully this will inspire more brands to work to improve the self-images of women in bold ways like this.

Bravo, Chanel! We can’t wait to see what statement you make next.