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Body Positivity Win: Dove Released A Shock Collar That Sends 5,000 Volts Through A Woman’s Body Whenever She Doubts Her Own Beauty

Finally, here’s someone taking on body positivity in a way that actually feels constructive! Beauty company Dove knows that everyone, no matter their shape or size, should love the way they look, and its latest product furthers that cause: Dove is releasing a shock collar for women that can send over 5,000 volts of electricity through a woman’s body whenever she doubts her own beauty!

Um, yes please? Goodbye, insecurities—hello, awesome!

Dove’s new shock collar, designed to make you feel sexy and strong no matter your size, is programmed to send a paralyzing shock throughout a woman’s body the second she feels even the slightest bit negative about her appearance. Whether you’re feeling bad about your hips, your skin, or your hair, the first 5,000-volt shock will remind you that you shouldn’t think that way, and that you’re a beautiful diva just the way you are!

“Imagine looking in the mirror, realizing you hate your body, then feeling this device shock you in the neck with the power of three Tasers,” said Loretta Green, a spokesperson from Dove. “Once you wake up from the initial electrocution, you might not feel beautiful right away, but you’ll definitely know not to doubt your own body again. If you do, it will send shock after debilitating shock until you learn to love your curves, your freckles, and everything in between.”

Wow. 1000 percent yes! And check out one of Dove’s powerful print ads below:

Hello, beautiful! We’ll take 10!

It’s great to see Dove so committed to letting you feel as beautiful as you are, inside and out. According to the company, the collar will stay locked, delivering increasingly higher-voltage shocks until it detects that you’ve had your last ever insecure thought.

Awesome. It definitely seems like this incredible product is going to help women everywhere love themselves through and through. So what are you waiting for? Latch that collar onto your neck, throw away the key, and get shocked into loving the skin you’re in. Thanks, Dove!