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Boring List Of 7 Trucks We Only Put Online Because It Wasn’t Too Much Work

Whatever. Here are seven trucks. This list was super easy to make, and that’s the only reason we did it. You can take it or leave it, no skin off our backs.

Look, we’re a website. We gotta churn out that content. Churn, churn, churn. Here’s a truck.

Maybe you’ll like this list of truck photos. Maybe you won’t. Makes no difference to us. This literally took us seconds to throw together.

This isn’t even a complete picture of a truck, just the rear half. It’s a bad picture, but who cares. We basically just searched “truck pictures” and took the first few options. Didn’t even click to the second page of results. So you get what you get.

This listicle isn’t going to get a lot of web traffic, and we’re okay with that. We put so little effort into this list that even a mediocre amount of pageviews would be ample return on our investment of absolutely nothing.

Here’s a car. It’s not a truck, but it’s close enough. It was easier to put this car photo in here than find another truck pic, so we’re doing it.


We promised seven trucks, but we don’t feel like doing any more work, so we’re just going to end this list on a blank square. This list is boring and we don’t give a shit about it. Time to go work on something else. Bye.