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Breaking The Shackles Of Capitalism: This Spiky-Haired Boy Is Going Buckwild In The Arcade’s Racing Game Driver Seat Without Even Inserting Any Coins

Each day, we live in the grip of a system that puts economic growth before human need, watching helplessly as its trappings dictate our everyday choices and determine the course of our lives. However, one person is single-handedly proving that it is indeed possible to break free from the shackles of capitalism: This spiky-haired boy is going buckwild in the arcade’s racing game driver seat without even inserting any coins. 

Karl Marx is surely smiling down on this child going absolutely apeshit over a racing game’s demo screen! 

Despite lacking the two tokens required to play Hotshot Racing at his local arcade, this wild-haired, blue-mouthed little boy in a sleeveless Rey Mysterio tee is slamming the game’s gas pedal, maniacally yanking the steering wheel, and all-around having a fucking blast in bold defiance of the capitalist machinations that treat joy as a commodity that must be purchased. Using just the sheer power of his imagination and the bag of Sour Patch Kids in the racing chair’s cup holder, this young radical—who is loudly smacking the game’s NITRO SPEED button even though it has no effect whatsoever on the screen in front of him—is adamantly refusing to buy into the rigged economic structures that have for centuries rewarded the privileged through punishing the poor.

Bravely standing his ground against the powerful corporate interests that rule the world, this ADHD-addled boy, who is pounding on the game’s non-responsive horn so loudly that it’s making a scene, has carved out a slice of freedom for himself that no market forces can take away. His inspiring example is already making waves across the arcade, as other children who actually possess tokens are curiously looking on, surely wondering why their access to capital has failed to bring them the same liberating euphoria that this stinky little pre-teen is currently enjoying. 

Run free, young proletarian! You don’t need tokens or cheap plastic prizes to truly live!

Take note, anti-capitalists. Each time this temporary tattoo-laden child stomps the brake pedal or cackles joyously at the sight of the “ASS” initials on the high scores screen, he is proving that it is indeed possible to rise above our subservience to the almighty dollar and live freely.