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Call It A Day: You Could Just Do This Shit Tomorrow

Good Lord. You’ve been at this shit all day, but there’s still so much left on your plate. Look, you just don’t have the gas in the tank to get it all done, so how about you just call it a day? You could definitely just do this shit tomorrow.

Seriously, just fuck it. If you were actually going to get all of this stuff done, you’d already have done it. Just pack it all up.

There’s barely any time left in the the workday anyway. Tomorrow you’re going to have so much more opportunity to get this stuff finished. What’s the worst that’s gonna happen if you just leave? Someone sees an Excel spreadsheet slightly later? That can’t possibly make a difference in the grand scheme of things. In fact, there’s a solid chance no one will even notice an issue. It just doesn’t matter. Why don’t you just mess around on Facebook for the rest of the day then head out of here?

Besides, it’s not like you’re never going do the work you need to do. You’re going to get it all done—just tomorrow instead of today. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing? It’s fine.

And definitely don’t worry about doing laundry or any chores once you’re home. Tomorrow you can re-wear what you wore yesterday. Sure, that shirt smells a little stale, but it’s nothing too bad—do you really think someone’s going to call you out on it? Not likely. Seriously, it’s not going to be a big deal if all you do tonight is sit on the couch and drink a beer. You can leave the dishes in the sink for one more night, too. Tomorrow, you can get it all done no problem.

Think about it: There’s just no reason to do anything today when you have tomorrow right there.

The best part of this whole situation is that you’re definitely going to feel super rested tomorrow because you’re not doing anything else for the rest of today. You’re going to wake up really easily and just feel excited to get everything done. This break will probably turn out to be just what you needed to have the most productive day of your life tomorrow! Pretty awesome.

Okay, great. Feels good to get that all settled. You’ll do this shit tomorrow, then.