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Clearly A Rush Job: Today’s Google Doodle Is A Super Rough Drawing Of Pirates And When You Hover Over It The Text Just Says ‘Celebrating When We Defeated Pirates’

The Google Doodle is usually a fun and informative little feature that adds a welcome bit of extra color to our use of the search engine, but unfortunately the site’s latest entry seems to have fallen short of their typical high standards: Today’s Google Doodle is a super rough drawing of pirates and when you hover over it the text just says ‘Celebrating when we defeated pirates.’

Yikes. Listen Google, we know they can’t all be winners, but we still expected better than this.

Whether it’s a charming portrait of an under-appreciated historical figure or a full-blown interactive browser game, Google Doodles almost always display a professional level of polish, but today’s extremely slapdash sketch of a few barely recognizable pirate guys suggests that the team was forced to cut more than a few corners to meet their deadline. The entire premise of the Doodle seems pretty half-assed as well, because there’s nothing we can find online that suggests today has any particular historical relevance to pirates, let alone some decisive event in which they were “defeated.” We’d hoped clicking on the Doodle might pull up some websites that would clarify what specifically they meant by that vague mouseover text, but doing so just takes you to the search results for the word ‘history,’ a detail that removes any lingering doubt we had that this pirate drawing is a result of Google scrambling to get something, anything out the door.

It’s fair to say this is definitely not one of the better showings from the Google Doodle team. Here’s hoping they can take a little more time with their next one and get back to their usual quality!