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Come One, Come All, And Gather Round The ClickHole Christmas Tree!

It’s Christmastime at! Come, gather round everyone!

Why, it’s Christmas morning! The snow is falling, the powdered hot chocolate mix is burning in the coffee pot, and the ClickHole Christmas tree is standing there doing nothing. It’s time to celebrate!

Our wreath is on the door…

Our father is in his easy chair…

Our ornaments are safe in their cage…

Everything is perfect. We’re so happy to have you here to celebrate with us! Let’s all sing a Christmas carol together! Here, follow along below to sing “Anybody Can Be Christ The Lord” with us:

Wow. That was beautiful. We hope all of us get a chance to be Jesus Christ very soon!

Now, it wouldn’t be Christmas without presents, and we bought something for each and every ClickHole reader to let you know how much you mean to us.

Are you ready to unwrap your gift?

Here it is! Use the slider to open it up!

It’s a brand new necklace, just for you! We hope you like it. You can wear it to a wedding, or not!

And look! There’s one more gift under the tree! We sure didn’t buy it—it must be from Santa!

Let’s all open it together. Here we go…

It’s a piping hot panini!!!!! Wow! Thank you Santa! This is the best Christmas ever!

All right—one more thing before we go. Let’s bake some Christmas cookies. Everyone go grab some of your best ingredients, and we’ll bake together. Are you ready?

Okay, we’ve got what we need. Let’s bake!

Huh. Those didn’t turn out quite right. Oh well!

Well, this has been a lot of fun. We really appreciate all of you coming to celebrate the holidays with us. Before we go, let’s all thank Jesus for giving us the idea to put a tree inside and have an awesome party.

Thanks, Jesus!!!!

And Merry Christmas, one and all!