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Connoisseurs Rejoice: Colgate Is Releasing Its 85-Year Barrel-Aged Signature Reserve Toothpaste For A Limited Time

If you are someone who enjoys the finer things in life, Colgate’s most recent announcement will have you reaching for your wallet: The toothpaste manufacturer is releasing a new signature toothpaste that has been barrel-aged for 85 years.

First put in casks during the Hoover administration, Colgate 85 promises an exclusive tooth-brushing experience with a complex and aggressive flavor profile that finishes smooth with tartar control. While younger toothpastes are very mint forward, the nearly 90 years that this signature paste has been aged in oak casks has brought vanilla and almond notes to the fore, with a pungent nose of hibiscus and mouthwash.

“When our founder, William Colgate, first started putting toothpaste into oak barrels in 1806, he sought to create an experience for the discerning man and woman who wants something more from brushing, and Colgate 85 continues that tradition,” Colgate said in a press release accompanying the announcement. “As this aged paste is cask strength, we remind our customers that it has more than three times the fluoride in regular toothpaste, so a little goes a long way.”

Colgate also recommends that connoisseurs and collectors enjoy Colgate 85 twice a day to fight against gingivitis.

If you want to get your hands on the special black tube of this vintage toothpaste that comes in a limited-edition velvet pouch, you better hurry—Colgate has already received enough pre-orders to account for half of its stock. And when it’s gone, it’s gone.