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Cool Find! Someone Left A Perfectly Good Framed Photo Of A Cyclist Lying By The Side Of The Road

If you’re a deal hunter or a general lover of anything free, this might get you excited: Someone left a framed photo of a young cyclist just lying by the side of the road under a tree!


The picture of this cyclist is a little weathered, but its beautiful mahogany frame is still in very good condition. You better hurry if you want this thing, though, because someone is definitely going to snap up this great find soon.

This spot is a total jackpot, because there’s also a bike painted all white and adorned with flowers just sitting there right next to the picture! The tires look a little flat, but with a little TLC it would be a sweet ride. And it’s not even locked up or anything!

There’s also a free white cross, if you’re into that!

This framed picture could hang in your living room tonight if you get down there quick enough. You can swap your own picture into the frame. All this great stuff (not to mention a ton of candles) is located right after the blind curve where Conant St. meets Atherton.

So calling all deal hounds and dumpster divers looking to pick up some high-quality stuff completely for free—this framed picture probably won’t stick around long. Get down there now!