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Cool Trick! Christina Aguilera Creates New Human Inside Of Herself For 9 Months

You knew she could sing, but did you know she could do this? Christina Aguilera surprised everyone this Saturday when she created a whole new human being that she grew inside her body for nine months. Cool trick!

We’ve heard of being double-jointed, but this is something else! Here’s how the pop star does it: First, she essentially makes her uterus into an incubator for a fledgling human fetus. Then, over the course of the next nine months, she provides the fetus with nutrients that allow it to grow until she’s ready to push the new creature out into the world, where it can live out its own life. Awesome!

Check out this photo of the musician and The Voice host showing off her awesome talent at Wango Tango 2014:

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The “What A Girl Wants” singer says she doesn’t do the trick that often. The last time she did it was back in 2008, when she was still married to now ex-husband Jordan Bratman. That time, she created a boy, but this time, she managed to create a whole girl! Neat!

Can any celeb top this hidden talent? We’d love to see it!