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Could These Be God’s Bones?

Paleontologists in Wyoming are at the tail end of their first dig in 30 years, and they’ve found an incredible series of bones that are so gargantuan and old, they beg one major question:

Could they be God’s bones?

Like God, the bones of this prehistoric creature seem strong! Also, scientists studying the fossilized bones speculate that they could be millions of years old, leading us to ruminate on whether or not these really are the bones of The Supreme Creator.

Take another look! Is this the skeletal structure of The Divine Being, He Who Created Heaven And Earth? We think it’s very possible.

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Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what the experts say before making any definitive claims about whether or not these truly are God’s bones, but it seems like a strong possibility. If it’s confirmed that these are the Supreme Being’s bones, it would be a real bombshell!

What do you think?