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Daring To Dream: Jeff Bezos Is Standing Outside A Guitar Center Gazing Longingly At A $200 Billion Guitar

Here’s a story about someone who’s not afraid to dream big: Jeff Bezos is standing outside a Guitar Center staring longingly at a $200 billion guitar he wishes he could afford.

Keep your eye on the prize, Jeff. Maybe one day!

The guitar first caught Bezos’ eye when he was walking by Guitar Center last week, and he’s been by every day since just to check out the same limited-edition Fender Stratocaster with sea-foam green paneling that retails for just shy of $200 billion. Even though the Amazon CEO only has $134 billion in his savings right now, he can’t stop daydreaming about how badass he’d look rocking out to some classic Zeppelin in the 20-car garage of his mansion with that beautiful ax slung around his neck. Now, as Jeff Bezos gazes in wonder at the shiny guitar in the window display, he’s racking his brain to see if there’s anything in his stock portfolio he could sell off to scrape together those last $66 billion he needs to afford the guitar.

Wistfully thinking about how romantic his wife, MacKenzie, would think it was if he played her a slow song like Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” while sailing on one of their mega-yachts, Bezos is now silently vowing to do whatever it takes—whether setting up new offshore tax shelters, slashing employee benefits, or taking a summer job at a hedge fund—to raise the money needed to bring the $200 billion Strat within his reach. And he’s keenly aware that some other billionaire could swoop in and snatch up the guitar at any moment, so he knows he needs to act fast and save every last penny he earns from here on out to make his dream of owning the gorgeous single-coil Fender a reality.

What a beautiful moment! We know Bezos will be pulling out all the stops and working extra hard at his job at Amazon to bring that guitar home. Good luck, sir!