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Dating Win! Netflix Has Added A New Date Night Feature That Puts Several Half-Watched Ken Burns Documentaries In Your ‘Continue Watching’ Section To Make You Seem Smart

It can be tough to figure out how to put your best foot forward in a new romantic situation, but it looks like Netflix is now aiming to make it much easier for you: The streaming service has added a new Date Night feature that puts several half-watched Ken Burns documentaries in your Continue Watching section to make you seem smart.

Wow! This could be a total game-changer when it comes to Netflix and chill.

According to a statement released by the company, users can now select the Date Night option in advance of a romantic evening so that when you sit down with your date and open Netflix, your Continue Watching section will be populated with impressive-looking multipart Ken Burns documentary series. Even better, the not-so-impressive things you usually watch while mindlessly scrolling on your phone, such as random episodes of NCIS or those reality shows where they somehow film people in prison, will be completely hidden from view. That way, your date will see a homepage that looks like it belongs to a refined intellectual who can make it deep into the 10-episode run of Burns’ Vietnam War without getting bored and whose personalized recommendations include categories with names like Because You Watched Ken Burns: Jazz and Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns.

The Date Night feature will also reorganize the typical top categories seen on your home page, replacing embarrassing ones like Violent TV Shows and Because You Watched: Glee with smart-people ones like Critically Acclaimed Docuseries and International Dramas. Thanks to this total overhaul of your Netflix account, you can now have peace of mind knowing that as you navigate the app in front of your date, they will see you as someone who possesses all the intelligence and sensitivity necessary to sit through hours of history-centric educational programming scored with quiet instrumental folk music and featuring interviews with people so elderly you need subtitles to understand what they’re saying.


If you’ve ever been afraid to watch TV with a date because of the embarrassing things it might reveal about you, this feature might be just what you need. It’s truly never been easier to convince a potential romantic partner that you’re a thoughtful aesthete who’s above the pettiness of modern entertainment. Thanks, Netflix—millions of singles are definitely going to appreciate this!