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Doing His Part: To Support The High School Students Walking Out Today, Logan Paul Has Postponed His Epic School-Shooter Prank

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul has been working hard to cultivate a more humble, sympathetic public image since posting a widely criticized video of a dead body back in December, and today the popular vlogger took another huge step forward. In an act of true maturity, Logan Paul has decided to postpone his epic school-shooter prank video in support of the national school walkout against gun violence.

Wow. It’s so inspiring to see Logan finally utilizing his vast social media influence for good.

In a video titled “POSTPONING MY EPIC SCHOOL SHOOTER PRANK (real) (not clickbait),” Paul explained to his subscribers that he would be waiting a full 48 hours before posting a video of himself jokingly telling a group of eighth-graders that there’s an active shooter on their campus in order to respect the cause of the Parkland victims.

“I have respectfully and humbly made the choice to wait a couple of days before allowing the Logang to see me pretend to shoot up a school in the most epic and hilarious prank of all time,” Paul explained in the video. “I’m wise enough to know that there’s a time and a place for posting monetized footage of students cowering under their desks while I parade through their classrooms firing blank rounds out of an AR-15, but today should be about the movement for common-sense gun legislation and not the priceless look on a bunch of scared teenagers’ faces when they realize they just got tricked by the master.”

Truly touching. It’s clear that Logan Paul has turned over a new leaf.

Though this announcement means that fans will have to wait a little longer to get a peek at their favorite vlogger’s latest stunt, Paul has announced that fans can still head to his online store and buy an “I Survived The Logan Paul School Shooting” T-shirt to get hyped for the video’s eventual release. Looks like all that soul-searching has paid off for Logan Paul! He’s a wiser, kinder YouTube star than ever before.