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Embarrassing: This Man’s Tan Line Is Very Clearly From Wearing A Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk

Get ready to feel some secondhand shame, because the following story is about an unfortunate situation that many gamers know all too well: This man’s tan line is very clearly from wearing a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk.

Yikes. How embarrassing.

Last week, Toby Rechzer, age 28, left his home in Detroit, MI to join his family on a weeklong vacation to the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, the trip left Toby with a very distinctive circle-shaped patch of white skin on his otherwise entirely red arm that is unmistakably the result of having worn his Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk the entire time he was in the sun. While it’s mortifying enough to get this bad of a sunburn, it’s even worse to get one that immediately lets everyone know that you spent your vacation leaping around in the Caribbean sand dunes with a Duel Disk on, ignoring your family in favor of pretending you were one anime guy battling a different anime guy. 

Poor Toby. Honestly, with that much Yu-Gi-Oh!, it’s almost like he vacationed in Domino City instead of the Dominican Republic. 

Despite the fact that Toby frequently reapplied his SPF 70 sunscreen, the Punta Cana rays were just too strong for someone who hadn’t spent more than two consecutive hours in the sunlight since he dropped by the Naruto exhibit outside the convention center at last summer’s Comic Con. Perhaps the burn wouldn’t be so obvious if Toby had ever taken even one afternoon’s break from the adapted version of Yu-Gi-Oh! that he engineered at age nine so he could play the game by himself, but then again, he didn’t cart his deck all the way to the D.R. not to spend the whole day defeating Seito Kaiba with his Blue Eyes White Dragon. 

Damn. You really have to feel for Toby. Although he’s already made up an excuse to a coworker that the tan line was from “tying his surfboard to his arm,” it’s pretty clear to anyone who’s ever seen the Obelisk the Tormentor action figure on his desk that it was much more likely from using the Duel Disk he got for his birthday in 2005 to play Yu-Gi-Oh! alone all week. Remember to apply that aloe, Toby, and your skin will heal up soon.