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Epic Clapback: Ariana Grande Has Responded To Online Trolls By Transforming Into A Sturdy Oak Tree That Can Neither See Nor Hear Their Taunts

It seems like internet trolls are becoming more ruthless than ever these days, but one social media icon has found a truly epic way to block out haters once and for all: Ariana Grande has responded to online trolls by transforming into a sturdy oak tree that can neither see nor hear their taunts!

This is an absolutely epic clapback! Ari is totally showing the trolls who’s boss by taking the form of a wise and strong oak that has no interest in the petty word of man.

It all started earlier today when Ariana began receiving a torrent of online hate from sexist trolls following the news that she and her fiancé, Pete Davidson, had broken up. The pop superstar instantly fired back in a big way by opening her soul to mother earth and glowing bright green for four hours until the light faded and a strong oak tree stood where she once was, oblivious to all but the wind gently shaking her branches.

After several hours of futilely posting insults on Ariana’s Instagram while she stood completely still in the gentle breeze, unable to read or respond to a single one of them, the trolls realized that they had no choice but to back off and leave her alone!

Cyberbullies, take note: From now on if you try to come at Ariana Grande, she’ll simply stand silently in the forest, with her winding, ancient roots running deep into the soil and beautiful golden fruit sprouting from her highest bough, like a total boss. Ariana has become a majestic oak, and internet insults can do nothing to pierce her mighty bark!