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Everyday Hero: This Woman Woke Up And Went To Work Today

Thirty-two-year-old Samantha Collins: She may not look like your typical hero, but her incredible story is one you absolutely need to read right now. Against all odds, this courageous young woman woke up and went to work today.

Amazing! We should all strive to be as fearless as Samantha.

When her alarm sounded this morning at 6 a.m., Samantha dug deep and did something unbelievable: Summoning all the willpower she had, she somehow found the strength inside herself to pull back her sheets and put two feet on the floor as if this were any other day!

Samantha then headed straight into the shower, where she miraculously managed to shampoo her hair, turn off the water, and even get dressed for work before resolutely grabbing a granola bar as she headed out the door.

Her remarkable heroism didn’t stop there. Defying all her basic instincts, Samantha was soon sitting on a bus while it drove in the direction of her office! Faced with a situation where other women might have given up, Samantha bravely stood up, pressed the button to request her stop, and even had the conviction to get off the bus when it came to a halt!

This woman’s courage and determination should be an inspiration to us all.

As if this story weren’t already inspiring enough, Samantha then went to all three of her morning meetings, battling through intermittent waves of nausea and behaving as if nothing at all had changed since last night.

Incredible! The world could use a few more heroes like Samantha who refuse to let anything stop them from going through the motions, returning home, and getting ready to do it all again every day for at least the next four years. Keep fighting the good fight, Samantha!