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EXCLUSIVE: A Look Inside The 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball

Today marks the start of a brand-new World Cup, which also means a brand-new soccer ball: the Adidas Brazuca! Here’s an exclusive look at what’s inside the specially designed ball:


1. A pocket universe 

One self-contained inflationary realm filled with its own World Cup and its own World Cup soccer ball, identical to this one.


2. One large jar of maraschino cherries 

Just in case players start feeling hungry during games.


3. Millions and millions of smaller, tiny soccer balls 

Scientists now call these “atoms.”


4. A USB cord

A single 20-inch connector for conveniently synching up the ball with any personal computer.


5. A clue!


6. One very lucky child 

Each game of the World Cup, a special girl or boy will get a chance to watch the full match from an exclusive seat right inside the ball.