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EXCLUSIVE: First Look At The New Baby

The wait is over, baby fans. The new baby is here, and we’ve got the first look. Check it out!

When Jon and Marissa announced that the new baby would arrive in May, everyone exploded with excitement. For a second, it even seemed like there was no way the new baby could possibly live up to the hype.

Well, set your worries aside. Because Jon and Marissa promised a beautiful baby boy, and boy oh boy did they deliver. The new baby is here, and he’s everything we hoped he would be. Just look at him!

From his bald, hat-covered little head to his teeny-tiny toes, not a single part of the new baby disappoints. We can’t get enough of his cute, chubby legs, and we’re absolutely OBSESSED with his name. Isn’t he such a Caleb? We sure think so.

Why, hello there, mister! You’re a little man, aren’t you?

On top of all that, the new baby has his father’s nose and his mother’s eyes, both of which set him apart from other babies and make Jon and Marissa two incredibly proud parents to watch this year. Nice work, Mom and Dad!

Some people are going to say the new baby doesn’t top Jon and Marissa’s first baby, Allison. But baby Allison is soooooooo four years ago. Compared to the new baby, she seems so old that she can hardly even be called a baby anymore. Just check out this side-by-side comparison:

Isn’t it crazy how big the old one seems now? Incredible.

Well, there you have it, folks. We’re so happy the new baby is here, and we hope he never, ever goes away. Can we hold him?