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Exclusive: First Look At This Switchblade My Dad Got Me

Hey, check it out. Pretty cool, right?

My dad got it for me on his trip. The blade’s really sharp. Also it’s got this grip that makes it extra easy to flip around and stuff for, like, fighting people. You’d definitely die if you got stabbed by it. This is what people in the Army use. 

Oh, stand back for a sec. I’m gonna make it flip out. Hold on.

So cool. Yeah, it’s pretty sharp. I’m not allowed to use it when my mom is home, so don’t tell anyone. My mom would freak out if she knew my dad got me this. My mom sucks. Hey, watch this!

Awesome. It’s pretty dangerous, so I keep it in my drawer. Aw man, can you imagine if someone came at you with this thing? You’d be screwed. I mean, just look at it. Hey, wanna see something cool?    

Oh, shit! It almost cut me! Did you see that? Holy shit, man. Close one. Damn, it probably could’ve cut my finger clean off. Damn. You gotta be super careful with this thing. It’s not a toy. My dad told me I shouldn’t let anyone touch it except me. 

You wanna hold it?