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Faith In Humanity Restored! After These Students Were Defrauded Out Of Their Life Savings, Donald Trump Helped By Giving Them $25 Million

Anyone who’s had doubts over Donald Trump’s claims that he’s fighting to better the lives of ordinary Americans can put their suspicions to rest, because the president-elect just put his money where his mouth is. Over the weekend, Trump generously paid out $25 million of his own money to help out thousands of people who’d been defrauded of their life savings through a vicious bait-and-switch scheme.

Turns out that not only does the guy have a big wallet, but he’s got a big heart, too.

After hearing about a devastating scam in which over 6,000 hardworking Americans—many of them elderly or of modest means—were pressured into paying up to $35,000 a piece to attend courses that falsely promised to impart the secrets of becoming a successful real estate investor, our next commander in chief knew he had to do something to make it right. While other politicians might respond to such flagrant injustices with empty words of comfort or vague promises for reform, Trump gave out millions of his own money to ease the suffering of those who’d been conned by predatory corporate hucksters.

What’s even more amazing is that Trump didn’t seem to want any credit or praise for this benevolent deed. While he could’ve gone on Twitter and boasted about how he swooped in to rescue thousands of decent Americans who’d been heartlessly exploited of their hard-earned money by greedy elites, he chose to humbly deflect attention from his selfless act, opting instead to tweet about the musical Hamilton and lavish praise on newly hired members of his Cabinet.

No matter what you think about Donald Trump, you have to admit this is a beautiful gesture.

While the president-elect often modestly declines to disclose details about his personal philanthropy, you might be surprised to learn that this act of kindness is merely the latest in a long history of giving to his fellow man in his time of need. Here are just a few examples of his extraordinary generosity throughout his impressive career:

In 2007, he gave a large sum of money to 48 workers at a golf resort in Florida to help get them back on their feet after it was discovered that their employer had been stealing their wages.

In 1991, he handed out $200,000 to ease the pain of African-American and female workers at a New Jersey casino who, as a part of a toxic culture of discrimination, were barred from interacting with high rollers who came in to gamble.

In 2009, he gave money to more than 100 prospective condo owners who lost their investments in a failed resort venture due to gross financial mismanagement.

Just last year, he offered financial support to a woman who’d been unjustly fired from her job at a Florida hotel simply for being pregnant.

In 1999, Trump spread some of his wealth to a group of 200 undocumented Polish laborers who were forced to work on a New York construction project for long, brutal hours with little to no pay.

In 1997, he opened up his wallet to assist an African-American casino worker who, in a workplace climate rife with racial discrimination, was routinely denied job opportunities on account of his race.

These incredible displays of compassion represent just a few of the 100-plus known instances in which our future president has generously shared his fortune with people who have been egregiously victimized by the soulless corporate powers that be. If Trump’s long history of charitable kindness in the face of oppression is any indicator of how he’ll lead our country, then we might just be entering a new era of unprecedented fairness and prosperity.

Faith in humanity restored!