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Faith In Humanity Restored! These Reddit Users Came Together To Create Content For Websites In Need

Believe it or not, even in today’s society, many websites still struggle to find the content they need to remain as profitable as possible. Recently, an inspiring group of Reddit users came together as a community to help solve this problem by supplying viral content for needy websites desperate for page views.

It all started when one Reddit user sent out an urgent call for photographs of people set alongside photos of their celebrity look-alikes, a premise nearly guaranteed to go viral and drive up web traffic.

The response was an amazing display of kindness and goodwill. Hundreds of Reddit users posted photographs of themselves or people they knew set side by side with pictures of celebrities who looked almost exactly like them. Soon, many websites, desperately in need of content, were flocking to Reddit’s generous offering of celebrity look-alikes and reposting the images on their own pages.

Here’s the original call for donations:

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And here’s a website fortunate enough to benefit from Reddit’s charitable gift of free content:

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And here’s another. It’s absolutely incredible:

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The response to their efforts was immediate. Right after these websites posted Reddit’s celebrity look-alike list, page clicks and ad revenue began pouring in.

“It was so incredible to see our hard work pay off,” said Reddit user James Olson, one of the many heroes who came together to generously create the list of celebrity look-alikes for the sites that needed it. “We never ask for anything in return from the websites we help. Sometimes they’ll cite Reddit, sometimes they won’t, but whether they thank us or not, their ad revenue is still spiking due to content we gave them for free, and that’s all that matters to us.”

Olson said that part of what motivates Reddit users to be so generous is an understanding of the difficulties many websites face on a regular basis:

“In order for these websites to remain profitable, they constantly need new content,” Olson said. “That’s why I, and many other Redditors, try to help them out as much as we can by providing them with a reliable source of free content they can post as their own.”

“The fact is many of these websites simply don’t have content of their own to post,” Olson added. “They just don’t have that much to say. It’s heartbreaking.”

This is not a one-time occurrence either. Time and time again, the Reddit community has banded together in order to create content that can be shared far and wide on other websites that need it to make money. It’s truly something to marvel at.

Here is just one of many examples of Reddit’s honorable work:

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If you ever start to doubt that there is kindness in the world, just remember that there is a community of good-hearted people out there, uniting to ensure that no website goes without the page views it needs to survive.