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Fascinating Insight: Sears Has Revealed That Everyone Who Works At A Sears Was Born In The Sears And Lives In The Sears 

An iconic American brand just revealed a fascinating detail about their business model that is pretty surprising, but also makes a lot of sense: Sears has revealed that everyone who works at Sears was born in the Sears and lives in the Sears. 

How cool! It’s alway fun when a business reveals these quirky little details about their operations. 

Sears shared their fascinating policy on their website over the weekend when it added a new page titled “Life inside a Sears.” The page explains, “Ever wonder why every Sears feels like home? It’s because it is home to everyone who works here, from our cashiers to our managers to our cleaners…even the CEO! Everyone who works in a Sears was born in it and lives in it, so our employees have the loyalty and product knowledge that only comes with being fully immersed in a Sears from birth. Being born in a Sears and living inside a Sears has been a requirement to work at Sears since our founding in 1893, and this proud tradition continues to this day.”

The company’s webpage also includes photos depicting an entire Sears staff tucked in for bed in the mattress section, a mother in a Sears uniform giving birth in the washing machine section, a funeral for a Sears worker taking place in the wheelbarrow section, and a peek at the garden in the back room where Sears employees grow all of their food and medicine. While it doesn’t specify if the Sears employees who are all born in the Sears and live in the Sears are allowed to leave the Sears they work in, the photos clearly illustrate that the staff seem truly happy to live inside a Sears, so either way it seems like a great life. 

“Since every Sears is filled with quality home goods, it’s the perfect space for our employees to live out their days from birth until death,” the website continues. “We treat our customers like family because you’re literally in our home.”

Pretty awesome! We knew Sears was a wonderful corporation, but knowing this behind-the-scenes factoid makes the brand all the more charming!

It’s always felt a bit like Sears employees were possibly born and living inside the Sears they’re working at, and now we know why. Guess this could be a letdown for anyone who’s always wanted to work at Sears but wasn’t born in one, but hey, you can’t get every job you want. Sears really deserves their own documentary or something, because they’ve gotta be the only retailer in the nation where every one of their employees was born in the store and lives in it, and that’s just plain cool.