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Finally! A Fork By Guys, For Guys

It’s about time! After years of dudes being forced to eat meals with ordinary dinner forks, there’s finally a fork wild enough for real men.

Wrap your paw around the Furck, the first fork by dudes, for dudes. David Peters, the Furck’s creator, says it’s a straight, rigid piece of masculine metal—none of that feminine curve, thank you very much—and most importantly, it has tines poking out in every direction, just like men want! Awesome.

Mash this manly spike ball into meatloaf, a big bloody steak, pies, and even bread. Even better news, fellas: Eating with this fork is gonna hurt exactly how you’ve always dreamed!

This spiky food-demon pokes your mouth and face with metal, making you earn your man-bites. Oh, and one more thing: The Furck is hot…very hot! It’s made of copper, a conductive metal that heats up fast and stays blazing. Just leave it next to the stove while you cook and let it soak up that heat. Then let it unleash that heat on your mouth, you manly man.

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Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Ron! The Furck is available in most outdoor sports stores today and currently retails for $79.99. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!