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Finally! An Emoji That Expresses The Pain Of Getting Older And Realizing You’re The Adult In The Family

For all the lazy texters out there (you know who you are!), emojis are lifesavers and super fun. And now, with the most recent iPhone update, we got a new cute little face you didn’t even know you needed: an emoji that expresses the overwhelmingly empty feeling of getting older and realizing you’re the adult in the family! All right!

We all know that feeling of seeing your parents withering away and realizing you no longer have a safety net, and that the two people who kept you safe your whole life now rely on YOU for help. And finally, we have it in emoji form!

Texting someone “I just realized that I have to make big life decisions for my parents who are old and decaying, an unwanted power that makes me ponder my own mortality” takes 152 keystrokes. Now? Just open up your emojis, and you’re done in one click! Awesome!

You’ll be saving so much time with this fun lil’ emoji, you’ll have plenty left to try to explain to your confused mom that you are her child and not a home intruder! Attempting to keep the confused old man whom you saw as a superhero growing up from wandering out onto the freeway? That means you don’t have time to text your friends about how painful it is to get a firsthand preview of what will happen to your mental faculties in just 15 to 20 years. Just use this cute emoji!

And it’s not just for iPhone users! If you’re feeling a little old school, you can type out the emoticon in T9 word like this:


Now, get out there and get texting!