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Finally! Revlon Has Released A Tiny Curling Iron For That One Extremely Dark Hair Growing Alone On A Random And Otherwise Bare Part Of Your Body!

Pretty much everyone has experienced that uncomfortable moment when you’re about to head out for a night on the town and you spot a rogue dark hair sticking out of an arbitrary place on your body like your neck or shoulder. Usually, such hairs leave you feeling self-conscious, but thankfully, there’s a brand-new product to help you embrace those stray follicles like they’re meant to be there: Revlon just released a tiny curling iron for that one extremely dark hair growing alone on a random and otherwise bare part of your body.

Yes! Finally!

Revlon’s new curling iron is the first-ever beauty product designed specifically to transform the drab black hair growing out of a totally bare spot on your body into a luscious, gentle curl of black hair growing out of a totally bare spot on your body. No matter what insane location your pesky dark whisker might be sprouting from—whether your lower back, elbow, or a blindspot on your shoulder blade—the new 2-inch-long curling iron is small enough to turn even the most unsightly of mole hairs into gorgeous expressions of style.

In a press release, Revlon explained that since it’s pretty much impossible not to stare at these random black hairs, people might as well try to make them beautiful, and their new mini curling iron seems to accomplish precisely that. Taking less than a minute to heat up and functioning exactly like a regular-size curling iron, the new tiny styling tool presents a far more glamorous alternative to plucking.

For anyone who’s ever been embarrassed by the dense, solitary hairs sprouting from their irritated pores, this is serious game-changer. Get ready to turn heads, because Revlon’s here to help you make those weird isolated pube things look fierce AF!