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Finally! This Modern Barbie Doll Comes With A Toy Computer With A Blog Post Criticizing Barbie’s Body Size On The Screen

There’s a new doll in town, and she’s showing our girls what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st century. You heard it here first: Mattel is making a modern Barbie that comes with a computer with a blog post criticizing Barbie’s body size on the screen.

This definitely isn’t the Barbie from your childhood!

“Barbie is better than ever now that she can surf the web and read scathing thinkpieces that rip into Barbie’s ‘impossible and disgusting 16-inch waist and 32-inch bust,’” said Margaret Yellen, Mattel’s chief of marketing. “She’s not just about clothes anymore, and girls are going to love showing this impassioned 6,000-word takedown by Femination91 to Barbie, Ken, and all their friends.”

Finally, a doll moms can get excited about! This modern Barbie isn’t just your average toy: She can accidentally burn an hour at her laptop reading medical testimonies about Barbie’s 3-inch infant feet, or she can quickly scroll through hundreds of heated comments calling for Barbie’s production to be discontinued.

Welcome to 2015, Barbie!

“Barbie can feel validated, Barbie can feel frustrated—there’s really no limit to what this new Barbie can do when girls open up her browser and start to play,” continued Yellen. “Will Barbie respond and write a heartfelt Facebook post detailing her own struggles? Or will she roll her eyes and knock the computer to the ground? That’s where the fun really begins.”

Needless to say, we wish we had something like this when we were growing up. So, let’s get out there and give our modern girls a modern doll they can be proud of!