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For Good Measure: NASA Just Discovered Earth In Case They Had Forgotten To Officially Do That Yet

Okay, this is seriously awesome.

Every now and then the folks at NASA surprise us with a totally incredible finding, and today is one of those lucky days. NASA just announced that they’ve discovered Earth in case they had forgotten to officially do that yet.

Science FTW!

Scientists at NASA discovered planet Earth last night at three in the morning, when they suddenly realized that it would be weird if that hadn’t happened yet for whatever reason. Soon after, a team of astronomers was assembled to log Earth’s position in the solar system and study its observable features, just to be on the safe side.

Wow! What an incredible precautionary discovery!

“Just in case we haven’t already gotten it on the books, we are incredibly excited to announce the discovery of a planet in our solar system, which we are calling Earth,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at a press conference this morning. “The planet is located in the Milky Way galaxy and supports a great variety of lifeforms, which we just wanted to sort of officially acknowledge on the off chance that it had been overlooked or slipped through the cracks at some point. So, again, just to reiterate: We have discovered Earth. Okay, there. That’s done now. Great.”

Fascinating! NASA has definitely covered their bases with this recent discovery of planet Earth, and one of the most exciting parts is that the newly confirmed planet is only zero lightyears from Earth. We could not be more amazed!

Science is effing awesome!