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Freaky Coincidence: Apparently A Night Like Tonight Was Exactly What This Woman Needed

Well, this is insane.

After a long week, 28-year-old Boston resident Jennifer Bauer just wanted a relaxing night where everything went well. But that’s totally impossible, right? Well, guess what?

It actually happened.

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It started right after Jennifer got off work and her best friend, Maggie, texted her asking if she wanted to hang out at a nearby bar with a couple of their good friends.

A nearby bar? A few good friends? Incredibly, those are Jennifer’s ideal parameters for a good night! This story already seems too crazy to be true, but trust us: It really happened.

And the eerie coincidences don’t stop there. When Jennifer walked into the bar, she saw that Amanda, Megan, Megan’s boyfriend, Sam, and Maggie were already inside. Amazingly, she didn’t have to go through the anxiety of getting a table or anything, because they already had one.

We’ll wait while you pick up the pieces of your mind off the floor.

You’re probably assuming that work was discussed, right? Nope. Strangely enough, it didn’t even come up once, and incredibly, Jennifer didn’t even think about the day she just had. She just had a couple of reasonably priced cocktails, coincidentally getting what she considers to be the “perfect level of drunk.”

Yeah, this is almost scary.

If you think things couldn’t get any freakier, just wait for this: At one point in the night, Jennifer’s favorite Kanye West song came on the jukebox!

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What. The. Fuck.

How do you explain something like this? This woman needed one night where everything went well, and weirdly enough, tonight was that night. Consider us freaked out.