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Free At Last: After 50 Years, Jane Goodall’s Family Has Finally Raised The Ransom Money To Buy Her Back From The Apes

If you’re a fan of Jane Goodall, we’ve got some absolutely incredible news for you! The behavioral scientist may have started her career in the Tanzanian jungle in the 1960s, but now she’s finally coming home: After 50 years, Jane Goodall’s family has finally raised the ransom money to buy her back from the apes!

What an incredible moment for Jane and her family. Several million dollars and five decades later, this amazing woman is finally coming home!

According to her family, at just 26 years of age, Jane Goodall was kidnapped by a pack of apes that she was researching, which subsequently imprisoned her and then used rudimentary language to demand a hefty ransom. While her parents were not able to raise the full sum that the apes carved into the side of a termite mound, they reportedly talked the apes down to $10 million earlier this month and then secured the funds for the researcher’s release.

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. Finally, Jane Goodall will no longer have to publish papers about primate psychology from captivity just to signal to her loved ones that she is still alive. Now, thanks to her family’s tireless fundraising efforts, this brave woman will be walking out of the Gombe Stream National Park chimpanzee sanctuary as a free woman, onto a plane, and back to America once again!

Sadly, while the apes managed to steal several years of Jane Goodall’s life, the important thing is that this amazing woman is finally out of the jungle. Ten million dollars may be a hefty sum, but it’s no match for a loving family that will do anything to get their daughter back from the chimpanzees.