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From Ugly Duckling To Swan: This Guy Who Was Once The Ugliest Dude In His High School Is Now The Hottest Guy In This CBD Store

Here’s an uplifting story that will surely give hope to any less-than-attractive people out there that they might one day blossom into a beautiful swan: This man was once one of the ugliest guys in his high school, but now he’s the hottest guy in this CBD store.

Wow! What an incredible transformation. 

Growing up, 34-year-old Marcus Hawkins wasn’t exactly much to look at, what with his oily skin, bulging eyes, gangly frame, and nonexistent jawline. But in the years since, he has seriously blossomed as he’s grown into his adult features, so much so that when he walked into CBD Specialties & Kratom Supply several minutes ago, he clearly stood out as the most physically attractive individual of the five or six customers browsing the overpriced CBD oils and vaping products. While a few of the other customers are admittedly pretty gross-looking, including the withered old hippie guy with the stringy Hulk Hogan hairdo and the massively obese gamer dude in the Sublime shirt and ill-fitting pajama bottoms, there are also a couple of fairly normal-looking guys in the bunch who Marcus narrowly beats out in terms of desirability. 

Hubba hubba! As far as guys in janky discount CBD stores that used to be KFCs go, Marcus is quite a catch! 

Unfortunately for Marcus, the only woman inside the CBD store is the lady with the lip ring and the The Nightmare Before Christmas beanie who’s working the register, and she’s clearly dating the store manager, so being the most attractive guy in the building won’t really help him out romantically here. But you gotta imagine it’s nonetheless still a major confidence boost for him, and as long as he continues surrounding himself with misshapen stoner guys and red-eyed wooks in Umphrey’s McGee tour shirts, he’s sure to find some success with the ladies eventually. 

Wow. Seeing an ugly duckling glow up into a moderately attractive CBD store patron is truly an inspiration, and it should give hope to homely people everywhere who dream of one day being reasonably decent-looking in certain specific contexts. Anything is possible!