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Game Changer: Mark Zuckerberg Will Now Respond To You In Facebook Messenger If Your Friend Doesn’t Get Back To You Quickly Enough

For Facebook users, there are few feelings worse than sending someone a message only to wait in endless suspense without them ever getting back to you. Thankfully, Facebook is constantly working to improve its user experience, and the company has just announced a new update that will hopefully put an end to the awkward message waiting game once and for all: Next week, the company is rolling out a feature that requires Mark Zuckerberg to personally respond to you in Facebook Messenger if your friend doesn’t get back to you quickly enough.

Finally! Sounds like Facebook chats are about to get much, much better.

According to the company, if users have not gotten a response from a friend using Facebook Messenger within two hours, Mark Zuckerberg will enter into your conversation and respond with a personalized message from his verified account. Unanswered messages are soon going to be a thing of the past, because the company’s founder is ready to chat with you whether you’ve been left hanging while setting up dinner plans, sending a funny GIF, or just saying hi to an old friend.

The feature, which has been in development for the past year, is already undergoing beta testing in a limited rollout. Check out some screenshots from early adopters below:

Wow, this is totally awesome! And if it wasn’t already cool enough, the company is also reportedly toying with expanding the rollout to include other areas of the website, such as having Zuckerberg comment on posts that haven’t gotten any likes or shares.

Facebook is clearly doing some amazing things trying to improve its website, and bringing Zuckerberg in to improve message response times is only going to improve its relationship with users. Once this new feature drops, it will definitely be a game changer!