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Game Changer! This New Portable Breathalyzer Tells You When You’re Drunk Enough For A Cigarette!

Well, it looks like nights out just got a whole lot easier. With this new gadget, all of the guesswork is finally over: This breathalyzer will tell you when you’re drunk enough for a cigarette.

The future is officially here!

Yep, it looks like this thing could save a whole lot of time. According to its manufacturers, the nifty little device is small enough to fit on a key chain, comes in a variety of different colors, and can tell with 97 percent accuracy when you’ve had enough alcohol that you should go ahead and bum one cigarette from a stranger at a dive bar.

Seconds after blowing into the mouthpiece, an LED light flashes to notify users that it’s a great idea to smoke a cigarette even though it’s something they practically never do. A second light blinks as a prompt to approach a group of strangers and ask them for a light. Sometimes three lights will activate to remind users how much they miss smoking and of how unimportant one single cigarette is in the larger scheme of things.

All in all, it seems like a seriously awesome gadget! This could be a great addition to anyone’s key chain, even if they’re pretty sure they won’t ever smoke again.