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Gaming History Unearthed: Fans Have Located The Desert Mass Grave Where Atari Buried All Of Its Employees Responsible For The ‘E.T.’ Video Game

Looks like some online sleuths have uncovered a bit of gaming history a certain company would rather forget: Fans have located the desert mass grave where Atari buried all the employees responsible for the E.T. video game.

It’s common knowledge that the employees behind the famously terrible E.T. video game were all buried in a desert tomb, but over the weekend, some hardworking internet sleuths decided to find it. Within a few hours of scouring old Atari message boards and issues of Game Informer magazine, a group of Redditors had discovered that the place where Atari entombed the entire design team of one of the most heavily panned games in history was on the fringe of the Mojave Desert!

Internet? You’re doing it right.

“The gaming community has wondered for decades where Atari buried all those game developers after the E.T. game totally bombed, so a bunch of us on r/gaming split up areas near Atari offices on Google Earth to search for a bunch of skeletons that might suggest ‘mass grave,’” explains Reddit user u/blorber8, one of the amateur detectives. “When I saw a huge mound of rib cages as I scanned the desert near Las Vegas, I knew I had found something big.”

Talk about a cool find!

How interesting to finally know the location where Atari buried its unplayable game’s creators, and if the group’s Kickstarter to go dig up the designers reaches its goal, we might even get a couple of pictures of the mass grave site.