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Getting Out Ahead Of This One: Uber Has Apologized In Advance If Anyone Finds Out About Something Called ‘Project Judas’

From price gouging to workplace discrimination and driver mistreatment, Uber has been no stranger to controversy in recent years, but it appears an even more damning scandal may now be brewing. Earlier today, the company publicly apologized in advance in case anyone ends up finding out about something called “Project Judas.”

Well, looks like they’re really trying to nip this one in the bud.

“Should the as-yet-undisclosed details of Project Judas someday come to light, we would like to take this moment to offer a full apology,” read a statement issued by the company this morning. “If our emails are ever hacked, causing the location of the testing facilities to become known, then we express our sincerest regrets for that. We are currently unable to stop Project Judas even if we wanted to. We are nonetheless deeply sorry and would like to offer all of our users 15% off their next ride as a token of our gratitude for their understanding.”

Taking their efforts one step further, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick even took to Twitter to issue his own personal apology:

Wow. Uber is clearly going all out to minimize the PR fallout from Project Judas before it begins. Will this be enough to right the ship, or will shareholders see this as another red flag portending Uber’s doom? Only time will tell!