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Going Out Strong: 6 Major Initiatives Barack Obama Will Champion In The Final Months Of His Presidency

He’s only got until January 20, 2017, and POTUS is going to make every second count.

1. Sneak a couple “hot damns!” into the Pledge of Allegiance: He might have to call in a couple favors to make it happen, but it’ll undoubtedly be worth it.

2. Get the pilot to roll Air Force One: He has been begging and begging for years now, but so far, to no avail. Expect a final all-or-nothing push from the president on this matter in his last 100 days.

3. Chop the head off the snake that keeps killing birds on the White House lawn: Obama’s tenure as president might be nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do everything in his power to take a shovel to the snake that keeps leaving a feathery mess outside his door. Given his determination, the president should have it mounted on his wall well before he leaves office.

4. Get all the Kennedy bones out of the White House bowling alley’s ball return: High on Obama’s perpetually deferred to-do list has always been to get into the machinery of the White House’s bowling alley and jimmy out the bones of Rosemary, Kathleen, and Joseph Jr., which have all gotten lodged in there at different times during his predecessors’ terms. Hopefully, his final year in office will finally give him the flexibility to do so.

5. Complete the White House Challenge: One hundred thirty-two rooms. One hundred thirty-two shots. Few presidents have successfully completed the White House Challenge, but Obama’s gonna give it a go sometime before he leaves office.

6. Sit in the Wright brothers’ plane and pretend to honk the horn: Only the president has the authority to enter this historic treasure, and Obama won’t want to miss out.