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Good To Know: Taylor Swift Just Made It Painstakingly Clear That She Would Never Date Dave Franco, Nor Would She Ever Have Any Interest In Meeting Him, Nor Would She Feel Any Sadness If She Heard He Died

Taylor Swift may be single again, but there’s one hunky actor you won’t see her hanging out with anytime soon.

Paparazzi caught the Grammy-winning pop starlet leaving her Manhattan apartment this morning, and she used the opportunity to send the world a clear message: Taylor Swift just announced that she never wants to date the actor Dave Franco, nor would she ever have any interest in meeting him, nor would she feel any sadness if she heard that he died.

Wow! Tell it like it is, girl!

“The actor Dave Franco means nothing to me. Nothing in this world matters less than Dave Franco,” Taylor noted to the swarm of cameramen, pausing briefly to wave at some fans across the street. “I would never be romantically involved with him, I certainly hope to never meet him, and if he dropped dead right now, I would feel no sense of loss for him, nor would his passing affect me any more than if someone told me that a fly had died in the middle of the Amazon jungle.”

Taylor went on to explain that she would never make eye contact with Mr. Franco, would never watch one of his films, and If he collapsed in front of her, she would simply walk over his slumped body without pausing or looking up from her phone.

T Swift’s statements about the actor—which lasted about 20 minutes in full—left many fans wondering if Dave might have done something to spark a little drama between the pair. Taylor quickly took to Twitter to shut down those rumors:

Well, there’s no doubt that Taylor’s got plenty of famous guys to choose from, but it sounds like Dave Franco is nowhere on that list. Maybe someday T Swift will change her mind and have even a passing thought about him, or acknowledge his personhood, or consider him as anything more than a formless gray entity technically existing in planar reality, nothing more than a collection of points arrayed in the visible spectrum, wasting the time and effort of anyone bothering to think of him, even for a moment. But for now, that’s looking pretty unlikely.

Don’t hold your breath, Dave!