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Goodbye, Stress: Bath & Body Works Has Released A Nano Bath Bomb That Makes Your Blood Smell Like Soothing Lavender

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed right now, here’s some great news: Bath & Body Works is turning the bath-bomb game on its head with a new product that pushes the frontier of wellness and relaxation. Earlier today, the beauty company unveiled a nano bath bomb that dissolves in your veins and makes your blood smell like soothing lavender.

Yes! We can already tell these are going to totally change the way we de-stress.

With a radius of just 10 micrometers, the new bath bomb is invisible to the naked eye, dissolving into your blood and traveling through your circulatory system to spread that pleasant lavender fragrance to highly stressed muscles and limbs. From head to toe, your entire body will relax the moment you inject a vial of these minuscule, aromatic balls of pleasure into your bloodstream.

Bath & Body Works took to Twitter this morning to announce the new product, which they described as the culmination of years of intensive research and engineering:

Colored with a delightful purplish hue that can only be seen through a high-powered microscope, this product relieves tension using science that simply wasn’t possible 20 years ago. And according to the company, it does more than change the scent of your blood—each bath bomb chemically interacts with your white blood cells to create a gentle warming fizz throughout your veins that lasts anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

Incredible. Thanks, Bath & Body Works! We’re already looking forward to forgetting all our troubles in a wonderful world of lavender-scented blood.